Wind turbines


The company ENAP SA offers wind turbines with horizontal axis and vertical. We provide our customers with both components for self-assembly, as well as turnkey solutions “turnkey”, from the design, and commissioning and putting into operation ending.

Wind Turbines:

These three-bladed wind turbines are compendium of lightness, power and technology that leverages free wind energy to provide electricity to remote networks of conventional supply. Their light weight does not impede on the strength and durability, as the generators are built with quality materials and advanced technologies that complement a design especially crafted for easy maintenance and long life.

These models are known for being one of the smallest on the market in their category. Due to their light weight and power it is most properly used specifically to provide power to small, isolated facilities such as tool rooms, cabins, sheds, farm stores, etc. They produce enough electricity for lighting and even small machinery such as water pumps, etc. They can also be combined with several other power generators that can result in a small wind farm.

The 3 blade configuration minimizes vibration and can start turning even with light winds. The heart of the machine is a magnet AC synchronous alternator permanently phase imaging directly connected to the turbine rotor. It is protected according to IP 45 standards, with isolation level B and automatic control of which is built into the alternator itself.

These models´ propulsion is sensitive to wind gusts of low speeds. This same guidance system plays the role of the primary protection system against high speed wind (Auto-Furl). As a result, when wind speeds reach too high a velocity, this system produces progressive disorientation of the turbine which shuts itself off.

Horizontal Wind Turbines can be easily set on any tower able to withstand the lateral pressure that is produced. They are made with premium materials and protected with a bichromatization processes and special anti-corrosive paints, which guarantee a long life.

Maintenance is reduced to two yearly reviews consisting of a visual inspection of the moving parts and retightening the screws.

The alternator is made of neodymium permanent magnets (NdFeB) of the highest quality and performance. It is lightweight and compact, with a high production capacity of energy. Our experts in alternators have developed a unique technique in the electromagnetic design. It has very little direct resistance, thus ensuring starts even with light breezes. The alternator is designed to provide efficient, continuous power with its control mechanism.

The main body of the turbine is made from a top quality aluminum alloy acquired from a rigorous selection process. Despite its light weight, it is incredibly resistant and produces superb performance. Because of the rigorous selection process, the turbine is not only perfect in its appearance, but also acts as a refrigerator for the system transferring the system´s heat to the passing wind. The rotor brake incorporated in the system prevents damage due to excessive speeds.

Generator blades are made from plastic material of the highest technology and resistance, same as used in the aeronautic industry. Advantages of using these products include increased stability and quieter operation. The blades, wind profiles have been meticulously designed by experts in aerodynamics to allow it to start even with very slow winds and a higher utilization ratio at higher wind speeds. Due to the aerodynamic design and effects on the blades, overspeed is prevented under all circumstances.








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Firma ENAP S.A. uzyskała dofinansowanie z Unii Europejskiej ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa na realizację projektu w ramach działania 1.5 RPO WM 2007-2013, pt: „Budowa oraz unowocześnienie zaplecza produkcyjno-usługowego na potrzeby uruchomienia produkcji urządzeń elektroenergetycznych wykorzystujących odnawialne źródła energii oraz usług w zakresie badań certyfikacyjnych”. Informacje źródłowe na temat Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Mazowieckiego 2007-2013 znajdują się na stronie: