ENAP is a provider of comprehensive solutions for Renewable Energy Sources including solar farms /FV/. Regulators and inverters are key elements in the construction of such a power plant.



The SOLAR-REG-2 device from APS Energia SA serves as a regulator in FV installations. It is a classic energy charging controller necessary to supervise the method of charging and discharging and its durability. Thanks to the microprocessor and PWM serial controller with temperature compensation it is possible to charge chemical batteries very efficiently. SOLAR-REG-2 is equipped with an LED indicator that clearly shows the controller operating status and battery level.



Inverter systems selected by us depending on the design assumptions imposed by the needs of the end user. The basic parameters on the basis of which we choose inverter systems are power plant type, type and nature of the load, power backup time and battery size (for Off Grid systems).

In Off Grid systems (operation of power plants for battery charging and transmission of electricity to the grid) the most commonly designed system powers are 1 – 20 kW. We usually use the following inverters for such powers:

  • EKO MODULA 20T 220_400MS+SKBT 20+PBI570Ah (APS Energia SA) (20kVA)
  • EKO BFI 3S 48/230+SKB3 + PBI 200Ah (APS Energia SA) (3kVA)
  • EKO BFI 5S 48/230+SKB (APS Energia SA) (5kVA)
  • Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 (Victron Energy BV Holland)
  • HPC 6000/48 (Steca Electronics GmbH Germany)

In On Grid (network plant operation), the most common photovoltaic power plant capacity offered by ENAP SA is 10 – 1000kW. In our projects we use the following inverters:

  • EKO BFI 20T 400/400MS (APS ENERGIA SA)
  • EKO BFI 4x25T 400/400 MS (APS ENERGIA SA)
  • SolarMax 15MT3 (Sputnik Engineering International AG Swiss)
  • Solivia 15TL (DELTA Energy Systems)
  • SteccaGrid 1000+ (Steca Electronics GmbH Germany)







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