AC LV Distribution board


 AC LV Distribution board – a device which is intended for input and distribution electrical power frequency 50Hz and voltage level of 660 and 400V.

Distribution boards are equipped with circuit breakers, load switches, contactors, relays and other equipment to control, monitor and protection against short circuit currents and overloads.

Distribution boards are applied at industrial areas, warehouses, office and residential building as main distribution boards for connection to MV/LV transformers directly and sub-distribution boards for distribution networks, lighting and small power systems.

Our company carries out assembly and mounting of one-section and two-section distribution boards with busbars current capacity from 400A till 3200A. Two-section distribution boards are equipped with tie-breakers that, in turn, can be equipped with ATS unit (on demand) in according with Client`s specifications and single line diagrams. As a rule, distribution boards consist of functional panels – main switch panel, tie-breaker panel, combined main switch & tie-breaker panel and tap-off circuit breakers panel.

As a rule, panels are equipped with ABB or Schneider Electric equipment. However, on demand panels can be equipped with any other electrical equipment manufactures.

Besides convectional LV distribution boards our company specializes in assembly and mounting of transformer substations auxiliary distribution boards and distribution boards for any areas where redundant power supplies derived from uninterruptable systems (UPS) are highly demanded.

In this case, distribution boards are equipped with Automatic Supervising System unit SAN3.

Automatic Supervising System unit SAN3 is intended to control and monitor voltages, currents, temperatures, circuit breakers and batteries states. SAN3 constantly measures and interprets the parameters. SAN3 can quickly identify any malfunctions and send information to maintenance staff.








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