Power generators


Generators are autonomous units for electricity generation. Basically they consist of a synchronous generator, which is driven by an internal combustion engine. Power generators in the basic application, used for electricity generation, mainly in the area, where there are no other sources of power supply. Generators in the application of the auxiliary are used for different purposes, industry, households, public institutions such as hospitals, schools, police, administration offices, etc., where normal electricity supply is interrupted due to malfunction. Power generators, particularly in the use of primary, to be chosen so that they can cater for all salary-powered facility. Auxiliary units to use, depending on the supplied object need not supply the total installed capacity, only the basic salary, in which no power can cause property damage, financial or worsen the comfort of living. Units with low power and small size may also be used for excursions campsites, while sailing a yacht, etc.

The basic construction sets:

  • Compression ignition (diesel) engines or gasoline starting manual or electric. Units with gasoline engines are cleaner and less noisy in operation.

  • metal frame with rubber-metal shock absorbers;

  • batteries with the hardware (if the unit has an electric start);

  • fuel tank;

  • connections with sockets;

  • exhaust silencer;








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